An estate sale is an excellent way to sell and/or liquidate a family estate and personal belongings or dispose of unwanted and unneeded items when downsizing or relocating your home or business. The estate sale will be held in the home or business and the public will be given the opportunity to purchase any items priced for sale.

Common reasons for holding an estate sale may include the death of a loved one, divorce, downsizing or relocating a home or business, providing guidance to an Executor or Trustee of a Will, moving, relocation of a family member to a retirement community, nursing, or assisted living facility.

We will provide professional estate sale services with minimal disruption to your life. We are both Certified Personal Property Appraisers and hold strong to our ASEL code of ethics when conducting your sale. We extensively research the “fair market value” of your belongings, inventory them, barcode, and professionally tag your items, providing a detailed report at the end of the sale detailing the item name, price at which the item sold, and the date and time the item sold. At checkout, the barcoded tags integrate with our state of the art computer system to record all the details of the transaction. A receipt prints out and is given to the customer; who then needs to show the receipt at the door and have it checked by staff to exit, much like Sam’s Club or Costco. This deters theft and provides a double check system for you. We organize the sale in such a way that it resembles a retail store. Your items are cleaned and displayed in an attractive manner. Following the sale, you will receive a business check, sent priority mail with signature or a business check direct deposited to your local bank account, within 5-7 days of the conclusion of the sale along with your itemized report. Your report will include a detailed items sold report as well as an items unsold report. Our professional and knowledgeable company will make this experience as simple and as pleasant as possible for you and communicate with you fully all the way through the experience. Remember, we work for You. Our service is top notch, all inclusive, and comprehensive.

Currently, we are facilitating estate sales in Arizona.

Estate sales typically run 2-4 days usually starting on Thursdays or Fridays. This will be discussed with you as it is often dependent on the size of the estate sale and the contents available for sale, as well as the CC & R’s regulating the community in which the home is located.

The average estate sale takes 1 1/2-3 weeks prep time. We are very aware of deadlines when it comes to liquidating your estate and will work in communication with family, trustees, and/or executors of the will.

Yes. If you are the homeowner, we will need a copy of the declaration page of your homeowner’s insurance policy for our records. Although accidents/injuries seldom occur, it is important to keep your homeowner’s policy active for the duration of the sale. We carry 1M/3M liability insurance as well. Ask to see the declaration page of our liability insurance.

If you are the personal representative of an estate, we will need to have a photocopy of the legal documents that authorize you to sell or dispose of the property. This information is often located within the will or is known as a “letter of testamentary”.

The estate is responsible for disconnecting the gas, electric, and water from any appliances which are to be sold. The furnace and air conditioner must be in working order before the set-up process and the water, gas, and electric must be turned on and kept on throughout the sale process. We do not need a phone line.

We ask that you please contact us at (480) 486-0606 for a NO obligation complimentary consultation. We work strictly on straight commission, which means NO up-front or out-of-pocket costs to you! Unlike many companies, we have no minimum fees, no hidden fees, no prep fees, and no marketing fees. When we meet for the initial consultation, we are able to evaluate the time necessary to prep the home, the number of staff necessary to prep and facilitate the sale, and the number of staff needed for the sale. Based on the initial consultation, we can determine the commission. We have had sales that have taken a week to prep and other sales that have taken 2 months to prep. The national average for estate sale commission runs 40-45%. Our commission rate is variable depending on the factors outlined above. Please note that we may quote lower commissions( 10-20%) on specific items-e.g., motorcycles, high end automobiles, RV’s, and boats.

Depending on the size of your estate, our records are normally reconciled within 48-72 hours of the sale and a business check mailed within 7 business days. If you have a local bank, we will direct deposit your check to your bank within 5=7 business days. When credit card payments are accepted at the sale, the card payments can take 24-48 hours to clear the bank Monday through Friday before the account can be reconciled. You will receive a business check sent USPS priority mail with signature or the business check will be direct deposited to your bank account within 5-7 business days. Please make sure we have a valid mailing address or a voided check for direct deposit on file at the conclusion of the sale.

Yes. We carry 1 Million/3 Million liability insurance with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Ask to see our insurance declaration page for confirmation. Not only does this protect you, the insurance protects us against slips and falls, injury on the property, and many other potential occurrences. However, please be aware that should such an issue arise, the liability will fall to the homeowner as the primary and our company as the secondary.